Thomas P. Illes, Owner/CEO Thilles Consulting

Thomas P. Illes is a renowned independent business consultant, moderator and communication/maritime industry expert. He has been associated with the cruise industry for over 30 years and is one of the most internationally sought-after shipping analysts and cruise experts. Being the owner/CEO of consulting company thilles consulting he acts as leadership & communication coach and works within and outside the global shipping industry in the fields of strategy, business ethics, reputation management, process optimization, HR, branding, design, sustainability, benchmarking and corporate communications.

Furthermore, he lectures at a variety of universities and is asked to moderate and speak at numerous conferences, seminars and industry-relevant events. Thomas P. Illes has made a name for himself above all through his holistically networked and open, constructive-critical way of thinking, which combines philosophical, socio-psychological and well-founded business “hard facts” in equal measure and thus regularly serves as the basis for creative, successful approaches to solutions in an increasingly complex world with the attendant challenges. Among others his client base includes also major cruise lines, shipyards and the marine supplies industry.