Mike Deegan, Head of Fleet Operations Noble Caledonia

Mike Deegan has spent his entire working life in the shipping industry.

He joined the UK Merchant Navy straight from school, initially in the general cargo trades. As a junior officer he also served in tankers, a troop ship and passenger ships.  As a senior officer he specialised in large passenger ships. Mike spent 2 years as a refit and new build superintendent, his focus mainly being on tankers undergoing deep refit and rebuild.

Whilst serving as a full-time Merchant Naval Officer, Mike also undertook a parallel career in the UK Royal Naval Reserve where he qualified as a Mine Warfare specialist. This part-time role saw him serve in a variety of UK mine sweepers and mine hunters.

After 21 years at sea, the last 10 of which were in senior positions, Mike transferred ashore in 1999 as an Operations Director, initially in the Middle East, where he was personally responsible for safety, security and maritime operations. He joined Noble Caledonia as Head of Fleet Operations in 2012 and continues in this role to this day.  He is acknowledged as a specialist in the operation of small, ultra-luxurious, cruise and river cruise vessels.

Mike was elected as a Fellow of the (International) Institute of Hospitality in 2018, having been a Member since 2004 and an Associate Member since 1992. He was recognised by his fellow maritime colleagues when he was sworn in as one of the Younger Brethren of the Corporation of Trinity House in February 2020.