Hans Chen Braas, Manager Cruise Agency Copenhagen Blue Water Shipping

Responsible for the development of port agency services for cruise ships at Blue Water Shipping.
Has been working as port agent for cruise ships since 2003 and since 2015 with Blue Water Shipping, where there is a strong focus on developing within the industry.
Prior to Blue Water Shipping worked for Maersk Broker for 8 years and a few other shipping companies.
Worked and graduated in retail before shipping.
Is based in Denmark but offer the full range of agency services in all Nordic and North Atlantic countries through own offices.
In private married to Victoria and has a son, Osvald who is 3 years old.
Fun facts: Grew up on a farm in Denmark and has once won a hiphop dance competition (was the only participant 🙂 )

Besides port agency, Blue Water Shipping offer a wide range of logistics solutions to the cruise industry through 12 key locations all over the world.

Further to services to the cruise industry, Blue Water Shipping is a privately owned international shipping and logistics company, offering a wide range of services. Currently about 1.800 employees in more than 25 countries.