Alexander Napp

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Managing Director PWL Port Services
Alexander Napp, born 1963 and raised in Hamburg, started his career in shipping 1986 as an apprentice at the Hamburg based ship-owner H.Schuldt with a final degree as licensed shipbroker in 1988. Following this he was employed by the H.Schuldt subsidy company ECAM in Houston where he worked until 1990 as a liner and port agent in the area of Houston, New Orleans and Tampa. In 1990 Alexander Napp joined the Hamburg based Liner Agency D. Fuhrmann, Nissle, Günther heading the sales and marketing activities of this leading German liner agency setup.
In 1993 he accepted a position in Kiel at Sartori & Berger as head of the Kiel Canal division and quickly became the driving force at Sartori & Berger to build up the leading cruise agency networks of Germany. During his 18 years with Sartori & Berger Alexander Napp started cruise projects in various ports of Germany, consulted individual cruise terminal projects and invented new itineraries for cruise lines all along the German cost. He pushed new cruise destinations in Germany such as today‟s leading German cruise port Kiel, the Island of Sylt, Timmendorfer Strand or Borkum. At the end of his employment at Sartori & Berger, Alexander Napp was managing director. In 2010 Alexander Napp joined the PWL group of companies in Hamburg and became managing partner of PWL Port Services GmbH & Co. KG, a shipping service company dedicated to most fields of the shipping industry, such as chartering, liner agency, brokerage, stevedoring, logistics, projects, tours, meet and greet, destination management and others with around 220 employees offering services at all German ports. With more than 4.000 calls a year the PWL Group is one of the top port agency setups in Germany. Alexander Napp, age 58 is happily married and father of two daughters age 21 and 25.