Sustainability and efficiency is the watchword of Ports of Madeira until 2030

November 2022

Three ports, Funchal, Caniçal and Porto Santo, each with their own specificities, but a common challenge: decarbonizing, prioritising sustainability and efficiency, not only to accomplish European directives, but also for competitiveness and social responsibility Ports os Madeira has with the planet and the new generations.

It is in this sense that we are committed to working on the energy transition, evaluating the multiple impacts, technical, financial and above all environmental, preparing a “revolution” that will have positive effects in our community, at all levels.
The objective is for Madeira to be able to supply electrical energy to ships, - and also buildings, port equipment, tugs and vehicles of our services - energy essentially coming from green or alternative energies.
It is a long way, but the goal is that by the year of 2050 we can achieve carbon neutrality. Until then, we will have goals to meet by 2030 and 2040 and, of course, the necessary reassessments throughout the process.
Fundamental to the success of the project is the digitalization of the Ports of Madeira in the various aspects, which is already being in progress. Energy sustainability implies the creation of digital support tools and the efficiency of services depends on digitalization. These are projects that complement each other, in the sense of creating not only the so-called Green Ports, but in the sense of the so-called smart port cities!
The various study packages to be developed over two years, financed by up to 1.2 million euros by the European Union, through the trans-European transport network, TEN-T, will allow a detailed analysis of each port in the region, taking into account the specificity of the fleet and the type of operation developed at each location, as well as the sources used for energy production, allowing the precise environmental benefits of the project to be determined.
It is, therefore, a comprehensive project that will bring positive effects on the image of Madeira, as a tourism region, global indirect macroeconomic benefits and will actively contribute to the sustainable development goals of the UN.
Therefore, the Madeira Port Authority is developing the project, in partnership with the Madeira Electricity Company, with the support of the Regional Government, the Funchal City Council, among other partners.

By Paula Cabaço
Portos de Madeira