We need to join forces to help ship owners to recover the most attractive and most punished tourism industry on the planet

October 2022

Environmental processes, investment in sustainability, COVID 19 pandemic, anti-cruise movements, growth in financial costs, increase in fuel costs, increase in structural and operational costs in ports, adaptations of ships to new regulations, etc...

The above would be a brief summary extracted from our fleeting internal SWOT in what is the tireless race that cruise ship owners suffer to survive and grow the "happiness industry". To them, our recognition and our respect. A creative industry, born as a result of a passion, a vision and a goal that is to develop one of the most revealing industries in decades, probably only comparable to the invention of the vacation Charter flight in the 40s/50s and whose weight falls only and entirely on the backs of the Shipowner.
Lately there has been talk of an Industry hit by the pandemic, of course, but it is undoubtedly lost or forgotten that this is not and has not been the only challenge for our Shipowners over the years.
The COVID has surely been the most important and most visible blow in the social context, however, it should not make us lose focus and forget the difficult race that, since its inception, in the time of the Transatlantic, our Shipowners have tirelessly endured.
The society speaks of “recovery symptoms” because people see ships transiting through ports again. They judge, sometimes selfishly and according to what they believe affects them more or less personally, if it is good or bad for the destination, if it promotes the arrival of mass tourism, talks about pollution, limitations, obligations, etc... in their immense majority, as a result of ignorance, speak of aspects, concepts and realities that are totally erroneous

Only a few people stop to analyze the "value" generated by cruise ships and the "enormous" industry and wealth creation behind them, professional training, hundreds of thousands of jobs, huge investment in environmental technology, enormous advances in R&D +I, heavy industry, shipyards, decoration, machinery, engineering, development, restoration, transport, connectivity and much more what I would give to develop an entire thesis... all this, solely and exclusively thanks to the Owners and for the enormous effort they make to make it happen.
Without being able to affirm it empirically, I would dare to say that the Cruise is a “melting pot” of the industry that encompasses and feeds “all” the pre-existing industries that had been considered for years as the main industrial activities. From the design and construction of ships in all their range and magnitude, through all modes of transport of goods and passengers (Air / sea and land) such as hotels and restaurants…. (a single cruise ship encompasses and feeds all the rest of the activities and industries)
The industry is recovering, billions of euros lost, however it seems that the only message that some people see is "the industry is recovering" and the time has come to rethink it as a source of business for destinations. Everyone wants their share, restaurants, transport, port infrastructure, etc…. but not everyone thinks of the need to help the Owner to recover and make that possible again and give sustainability to the Cruise and the enormous trail of value that it leaves in society.

Our recognition to those of us who are part of the industry and who have had the great fortune of having been educated understanding that we are all part of it, we are all part of the value chain that makes the industry possible and that we are all part of "the Owner" that our respective businesses must be profitable and sustainable but, above all, as a fair consequence of a job well done, our commitment, our excellence and, above all, our efficiency, which means "the best service under the most commitment and quality at the lowest price”.
Our message to those people, companies, institutions that may not understand the cruise industry for what it is, a social value, a contribution to people's happiness and, once again, as always with seafarers, the fruit of a passion and respect for what we love most, the oceans and only see in it a business opportunity, without special interest in quality, in the vocation of service, in commitment and only at the highest possible price. Please understand that “we are all the Owner” and among all of us we must make the efforts that are within our reach to re-launch and make our beloved Cruise industry sustainable.

Enrique Oliver
Grupo Verlio